Subway Ceramics represents the state-of-the-art craft of tilemaking that remains relevant today.  Five features that represent authentic subway tile from Subway Ceramics are:

  • Pencil-thin grout lines

  • Soft radius corner trims

  • Historically accurate glazes

  • Sculptural ceramic accessories

  • Unglazed porcelain mosaics

Extensive Glaze Options

Choose from a wide variety of over 50 classic glaze colors and finishes formulated for a century of architectural aesthetic styles that include classical, bungalow, cottage, atomic, and cosmopolitan series. 

Expert Design Consultation

Meet online with our professional project consultants experienced in period tile design. Our consultations include solutions that address special tile conditions to assist you in designing and manifesting your vision. 

Additionally, we review the details of your tile project and demonstrate the layout options using 3D visualization tools and images.

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